Welcome To AMU

Atlantic Municipal Utilities is an electric and water utility, owned by the community of Atlantic, Iowa.  The utility was established in April of 1876, when an election was held to approve the establishment of a municipal water supply system.  In July of 1890, local citizens approved an additional measure, to establish an electric utility, and place it under the governance of the Waterworks Board of Trustees.  This Board’s official name then became the Board of Waterworks and Electric Power Plant Trustees.


AMU’s Board of Trustees consists of five members, appointed by the Mayor, and ratified by the City Council.  Trustees serve staggered, six-year terms.  Meetings are held monthly, and are open to the public.


AMU serves approximately 3,300 water customers, mostly within the city limits of Atlantic.  Nine wells provide a more than ample supply of high quality water, which is treated then delivered via some 55 miles of pipe throughout the service area.  Two water towers store some 750,000 gallons of water, which provides fire protection for the entire community.


AMU’s electric system consists of its generation, transmission, substation and distribution assets.  Our power supply consists of 17.25 megawatts (17,250 kilowatts) ownership in the coal-fired Council Bluffs Unit #3, approximately 8 megawatts of power purchases from the federal hydroelectric facilities on the Missouri River, and two generators located in Atlantic, one 4 megawatt and one 10 megawatt unit.


AMU owns a 2.5% share in 345,000 volt transmission lines between Council Bluffs and Des Moines, 8.5 miles of 161,000 volt transmission lines which connect us to MidAmerican Energy’s system, and 15 miles of 69,000 volt lines which connect us to Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative (NIPCO) facilities.  These facilities provide three separate paths for transmission service, for a high degree of reliability.


There are four electrical substations in Atlantic.  One reduces voltage from 161,000 volts to 69,000 volts, for delivery to the three distribution substations.  Each of those substations is capable of serving 100% of AMU’s load during the periods of highest electrical usage.


From the distribution substations, power is delivered through 13,200 volt lines, to transformers near the customers.  AMU owns and maintains approximately 55 miles of distribution lines within the city limits of Atlantic, and 175 miles of lines in the surrounding rural area.